About Us

snail sitting on a bench in Tel Aviv
I wonder who he’s waiting for? Tel Aviv, 2018

It all started with the rain…

Our journey began out of curiosity and a personal connection. Living in Tel Aviv, every winter after the rains, the streets and sidewalks would come alive with snails. We found it worrisome to see these wonderful creatures possibly coming to harm’s way. We made it a point to gently pick up each one we came across and place it to the side, allowing them to continue their journey safely.

This small act sparked our fascination with the complexity and beauty of snails. We wanted to know more about them and share this interest with others. Thus, The Snail’s Trail was born.

Our goal here is to share that fascination and to make The Snail’s Trail a hub of information, stories, and resources for fellow snail enthusiasts, curious minds, or those who simply stumbled upon us.

We believe in fostering a community that appreciates nature’s smaller wonders, and snails, with their distinct charm and varied species, provide a perfect starting point.

Whether you’re interested in learning about different species of snails, their habits and habitats, tips on keeping snails as pets, or the intricate beauty of their shells, we’ve got you covered. Our content aims to be engaging, enlightening, and enjoyable for all.

Here at The Snail’s Trail, we welcome your comments, suggestions, and stories. After all, our community is not just about us—it’s about you, the readers and snail lovers. Together, we hope to explore the slow and steady world of snails.

So, if you’re ready to embark on this journey, join us as we follow the snail’s trail!